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Christmas in London. Рождество в Лондоне

Christmas in London. Рождество в Лондоне на английском языке Perhaps, none of the holidays can compare with Christmas as it is the brightest, most long-awaited and beautiful holiday for most people. Adults and children prepare thoroughly for the celebration decorating their houses, streets and backyards, sending the list of the most desired gifts to Father […]

Easter. Пасха

Easter is one of the most important holidays of the year. Easter is the day when Jesus Christ resurrected. Usually this holiday is celebrated on one of Sundays in spring. Easter eggs and Easter cakes (or paskhas) are the traditional symbols of the religious holiday. Paskha is a traditional dessert served in Russia as well as other Eastern European countries. The name of the dish comes from “Pascha“, the eastern orthodox celebration of Easter.

St. Valentine’s Day. День Святого Валентина

St. Valentine’s Day comes on February 14. It is widely celebrated among people of all ages.
On this day, people in love express their feelings to those whom they love or adore.

New Year in our country. Новый год в нашей стране

Holidays are very pleasant days, because these are days when people don’t have to work, but have an opportunity to relax, meet friends, give presents and say many pleasant words to people whom they love. New Year is one of these holidays.

Thanksgiving Day. День благодарения

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the United States on the last Thursday in November. This holiday is one of the big six major holidays of the year. People of all faiths celebrate this day. They give thanks for the many good things in their lives.

Halloween. Хэллоуин (Канун Дня всех святых)

The history of Halloween goes back more than 2,000 years. The earliest celebrations of Halloween were among the Celtic people. The Celts were a group of people who lived in present day Ireland and England from about the 5th century BC. They believed that Halloween is a time when magic is most potent and spirits can make contact with the physical world. According to belief all kinds of witches and goblins wandered abroad on this night. On that day people lit bonfires to honour the sun god and to keep away evil spirits.

Sport in my life. Спорт в моей жизни

Sport is very important in our life. The general belief is that a person who goes in for sports can’t be weak and ill. Physically inactive people get old earlier that those, who find time for sport activity. And of course good health is better than good medicine.

My working day. Мой рабочий день

In our life we have weekends and holidays. Of course, it’s more pleasant to speak about holidays than about workdays. But these workdays make up an essential part of life.

My future profession. Моя будущая профессия

Plans for future is a problem that worries not only me, but my friends, classmates, parents and teachers. The reason is that at the age of 17 we have to make a very important choice in our life – the choice of a profession. On the one hand, I’m adult enough to have an opinion of my own about what I’m interested in and what I’m good at. On the other hand, at this age we lack life experience and our desires sometimes don’t coincide with our possibilities.

My family. Моя семья

It’s very important for everybody to have people, who love you and understand you. For me these people are my family.

My hobby. Мое хобби

Hobby is a person’s favorite occupation, something that he likes doing in free time. It is very important for us to do what we are really interested in and what we are good at. It lets us show our worth and become aware of the importance and usefulness of our life.

My school. Моя школа

One of the most important periods of our life is the period of studying at school. It’s actually a whole epoch for schoolchildren. We obtain certain skills and get the experience of living in the society. At school we learn to behave according to the situation and cope with difficulties.

My friends. Мои друзья

I have a lot of friends, but my best friends are Vika and Natasha. We always understand each other and help each other in difficult situations.

My summer holidays. Мои летние каникулы

Summer holidays are probably the happiest days of pupils’ life. Children don’t go to school, don’t do their homework and don’t have to get up early. That is the time when they can visit their relatives and have great opportunities for rest.

About myself. О себе

Let me introduce myself. My name is Olga Ignatenko. I was born on the 15th of December 1997 in Moscow. I’m fifteen years old. I’m at 10-th grade.